Midterm Reflection Prompt: To consider the exhibition of a medium-sized art gallery in relation
to some of the major themes discussed thus far in class. For this assignment, you will view an
exhibition at either the Art Gallery of York University OR the Power Plant, and analyze how that
exhibit reflects or challenges one of the topics that have been discussed in class thus far:
1) What is Contemporary Art?
2) Art Festivals
3) Multimedia Expressions
4) The Politics of Art Institutions
This is a two-part assignment, with two separate deadlines. Part A will require you to visit the
gallery and complete a short formal analysis, which will be workshopped in class to help you
figure out how to address some of the larger issues from class. The second part will require you
to extend and incorporate that formal analysis into a formal essay.
Part A: 1-page (approx. 500 words single-spaced) formal analysis of 2 works at the
exhibit, due at tutorial. Students must be present in tutorial to complete this task (6%)
1. Visit Art Gallery of York University OR the Power Plant in-person to complete this
assignment. Take good notes while in the gallery so you can remember the artworks and your
experience of them (remember that photos may not be possible)!!
2. Choose two pieces from the exhibition that will help you make your point.
3. Create a brief formal analysis for each artwork. Describe the elements that are most
important to the pieces in question, and explain what effect they have. Keep in mind that you
want to capture these works for a reader who may not have seen them in person.
This will be part 1 of the assignment, due at the tutorial. Please bring two printed
copies to class because these writings will be workshopped based on feedback from
your peers. Be sure to also upload an electronic version to Moodle so that your TA can
give you credit for completing this portion of the Midterm.
Part B: Final paper, 1250 words, due through Moodle before Week 9 tutorial (15%)
4. After the class meeting, you will need to integrate your formal analysis into a larger product.
The goal of the assignment is not to simply describe a piece of art (like you would with
a simple formal analysis), but to use these descriptions as a launching point to produce a
deeper analysis that helps support your thesis. In this case, your analysis will be bounded, in
some way, by the four topics discussed prior to this week. You may find that you incorporate
only portions of the formal analysis that you bring to the class meeting.
5. In addition to including 2 examples from the exhibition, you need to refer to 2-3 readings
and/or podcasts assigned in weeks 3-6 (citations from Week 2, Formal Analysis are not
eligible). You must properly cite these works in your in-text citations and your works cited page,
and remember to use formal essay writing style as well as course-vocabulary.
6. Upload your final paper to Moodle. You will be graded on the quality of your ideas and
argument, as well as adherence to the style and structure of academic writing.



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