Social Media

To research and write an essay of 2000 words that answers one
question from the following list of six options.
1. “The digital creative economy depends on the belief that social
media work is easy and potentially profitable” (Duffy and Wissinger,
2017). Evaluate this statement with reference to celebrity and
influencers within the realities of the Australian digital media
2. Facebook argues regulation of digital platforms in Australia would
result in restricted access to online services. Why should such
regulatory bodies as the ACCC and ACMA have authority over the
Australian operations of international companies like Facebook,
Google, Amazon and Netflix?
3. “digital platforms in Australiacan be a double-edged sword,
as Indigenous activists are exposed to racist discourse and traumatic
content online and often experience direct threats of
violence” (Carlson, Jones, Harris, 2017). Discuss this statement with
reference to media activism and the role of Australian regulatory
4. Australian laws and regulations that promote and support the
production and distribution of Australian media content are archaic
and ineffectual within a global media landscape. Discuss.
5. Regulation vs self-regulation. What are the advantages and
disadvantages of both systems for the protection of rights and
privacy of Australian media users in a diverse and fragmented media
6. Within a year of passage of the Federal Government’s media reform
laws Channel Nine successfully launched a takeover bid for Fairfax
Media, intensifying the concentration of media ownership in
Australia even further. What are the arguments for further media
reform to ensure greater diversity and plurality of voices in the
Australian media landscape?

You are expected to research and write a persuasive argument that directly
answers the essay question in 2000 words. You are expected to use the
selected essay question as the title of your research essay. The essay
introduction is expected to explain the main contention of the essay, and
outline the development of the argument. The body of the essay is
expected to develop a logical sequence of key claims that discuss relevant
ideas and examples found in the unit of study readings, with a minimum
of 3 and maximum of 6 references to academic sources plus additional
media-based examples found through self-directed research. Better scoring
essays will adopt an open-minded approach and will critically question
ideas, evidence and implicit assumptions. You are also encouraged to
propose alternative solutions to the issues you have identified.
The conclusion is expected to point to the significance of your argument.
Your essay answer is expected to use analytical writing, and accurate and
complete APA 6th edition style in-text references and reference list. For
anonymous marking, you are expected to ONLY use your student
identification number (SID) in the assignment file name and file contents.
Alignment with learning outcomes

• Students will be able to demonstrate disciplinary literacy in media
political economy.
• Students are expected to research and analyse policy and regulatory
practices in at least one Australian media sector.
• Students will be able to communicate learning outcomes in diverse
formats including discussion and debate in lectures and tutorials,
conceptual media production, and academic writing.