Data curation and Management

Major:Data curation and management
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1:Please answer 10 questions in 700 words
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1. The current orthodoxy seems to be that research data should be shared.
Discuss what are the main drivers for this sentiment and why would
researchers choose not to share their data.
2. Publically funded research is governed by institutional ethical review. Discuss
what this entails and what ethical oversight exists in private organisations
3. What is ANDS and what does the organisation do. Your discussion should
focus on their contribution (if any) to data curation.
4. What role do data dictionaries and taxonomies play in assembling metadata
5. Recently there has been a growing trend of citizen science. Discuss what this
is and what are the implications of conducting science in this way for curating
the data collected in such a manner.
6. How do data services contribute to data sharing. Your discussion should
identify and describe relevant service and explain how they contribute to data
7. Many online commerce sites rely on recommender systems to drive traffic to
their sites. Discuss what are the social and legal issues that impact on such
8. Linked open data is a government initiative to facilitating and linking data
generated by government and its authorities. The motivation is to make
government transparent and enable citizens right to data. Discuss the reasons
for these initiatives and the issues that emerge from the perspective of data
9. In the current digital environment, especially in the realm of social media, a
“privacy paradox” has emerged. Explain what this paradox is and why it
occurs. Your discussion should also touch on the broader social issues this
raises for both business and civil society.
10. What data does the EU’s GDPR relate to?