Development of Tourism

major:social science
reference: Harvard style
The article must have critical thinking
1,500 (+/- 10%) words: Drawing on the social science literature develop an annotated bibliography that explores the development of tourism as a global phenomenon.
You must include BOTH suggested readings for the module on Canvas and journal articles (do not simply cut and paste the abstract), book chapters, books drawn from you own research. You are not permitted to use text books and you must address issues covered in the teaching on the module. References are not part of the word count.
It is suggested that you use 8 texts. The narrative should summarise the key points that the text is making about the development of tourism as a global phenomenon. You do not need to comment on the research methods.
Each text must be fully cited using the Harvard method of referencing followed by the summary of the text’s contents. You are not expected to include a full Harvard reference list at the end of the work unless you have referred to material in your text summaries that is not taken from that text.
2 parts:
1. Global Nature of Tourism: eg: Flows of people; centre-periphery; globalisation; neo-colonialism/neo-imperialism; tourism as development; development of tourism in relation to travel
2. The Tourist – what are they searching for? Authenticity, self
You do not need to comment on the research methods
No textbooks
You must use material from Canvas AND from your own independent research

Community empowerment through community-based

homestay tourism (CBT)

Historical Roots of Tourism
Globalisation & the Political Economy of Tourism Dr Hazel Andrews

7206TEF Critical Perspectives in Tourism &
Hospitality Management

7206TEFMA Tourism & Development: Background Reading

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