POL101 Second Essay – Young People in Politics

POL101 Second Essay

Worth 15%
Due: December 8 (by 9pm) submitted to Quercus
Essay Question: Write an essay that answers the following question:,
“Does it matter if that young people do not participate in politics? Why/why not?”
1. Include an introductory paragraph that answers the essay question in the form of a thesis
statemen and gives a brief overview of your argument.
2. Include body paragraphs that support your thesis statement, and a conclusion that
considers what your argument tells us about
3. Your essay must answer this question using concepts from the course readings and
lectures. Your essay will rely primarily on the readings and lecture on political
participation, but you may also use other readings from the first semester of this course.
use external sources
4. Remember that the task of an argumentative essay is to persuade a skeptical reader of
your position. In answering this question, be sure to explain why it does or does not
matter. The reasons you give should aim to persuade the reader to adopt your position
by being clear, specific, and accurate.
Format and Citations:
• Your paper must be pages double-spaced (about -words), excluding the bibliography and
cover page.
• Number pages the bottom right corner, use a 12 point font, and 1” margins
• Include a cover page with the course name, your tutorial section, and the TA’s full name,
your full name and student number, and the date you submitted your essay.
• Use the author-date Chicago style citations, and include a complete bibliography of the
sources you used. To cite lectures in the text of your paper, write “(Jung, /2019).” To
cite the lecture in the bibliography, write “Jung, Courtney, POL101 lecture, , .”
Guidance and Help on Your Essay
For more information about the requirements and expectations for this essay,
1. Attend the tutorials (worth 15% of your final grade) and review the rubric below,
which your TA will use to grade your essay.
2. Make an appointment at your college writing centre (book early as these fill up) for free
one-on-one help https://writing.utoronto.ca/writing-centres/arts-and-science/

I. Analysis, argument and evidence (including use of required sources)
a. Provides a convincing thesis statement that answers the question.
b. Supports the thesis with relevant evidence from course readings, lectures
and in-class movie) with no additional readings.
c. Answers include sufficient depth and detail and show understanding of key
course concepts. For example, potential counter-arguments or alternative
explanations are considered and addressed.
Excellent Good Adequate Needs work

II. Organization/structure
a. Essay is well-structured: introduction includes a brief overview of the argument
; body paragraphs develop the argument with clear reference to the thesis;
conclusion explains the implications of the issues discussed.
b. Ideas are logically ordered throughout with clear transitions between sentences
and paragraphs.
c. The connection between each supporting argument and the thesis statement is
made clear.
Excellent Good Adequate Needs work
III. Style and grammar
a. Sentences are clear and correct.
b. Each paragraph has only one main idea and a clear topic sentence.
Excellent Good Adequate Needs work
IV. Citation style (including bibliography) and format
Follows all assignment instructions.
a. Cites the appropriate sources (see Ib above) correctly using the author-date
Chicago style, and includes a complete and correct bibliography.
b. Follows all format requirements (e.g., 4 numbered pages, 12-point font & 1”
margins with a cover page featuring the details listed above)

Excellent Good Adequate Needs work