Potential Paper or Presentation Topics

Potential Paper or Presentation Topics

Here is a list of potential paper or presentation topics. Feel free to come up
with other topics as well. Just ask for prior approval, then add them to the
For a successful Paper or Presentation, you will want to
1) Clearly State the Issue; give a summary of the issue and question
asked and very briefly introduce the rest of the paper or presentation.
2) Discuss Applicable Statutes, Rules, or Regulations
3) Analyze The facts of the issue you chose as applied to the Rules.
This is where you can
a. Approach it like an argument with points and counterpoints
b. Like any good paper, make sure to stay on topic and not
c. You may list case law to support your position,
d. You may use legal experts to back up your opinions
e. You may use public policy expert opinion or better yet original
sourced statistics
4) Conclude: Answering Issue

*** If you need help ask! Do not plagiarize your paper. We have
software that will tell us if it is plagiarized. Paid services provide many
papers that have been sold before and thus are tracked by our software.
*** One of the reasons for not dictating topics, is so you get to work on
something of genuine interest. Business Law and Ethics has such a broad
topic base and anything that is within the study of such is acceptable.

Here are some ideas (but definitely this is not an exclusive list):

These should help give you some ideas if you have not already chosen.
But feel free to deviate from this list. You are free to use part of a topic with
a different question as well.


*Netscape vs. Microsoft Antitrust Lawsuit
*Microsoft and Amazon: Did the government chose the wrong defendant?
*NCAA allowing student athletes to profit from “likeness use”
*Making the Shadow Economy Legal: A case of Legal Sports Gambling
* or any other shadow activity
* Any Constitutional Issue (or analysis of Case Law)
Example: Need for Constitutional Clarity of the Presidents Executive
Order Powers
*Should Corporate Responsibility only be focused on Shareholder Value
*The Problem with Utilitarian Ethic as applied to Business
(or could fill in with any Ethical Study we have done)
*The Proper was to structure a business for future Venture Capital Funding
* Do RICO Statutes give the Government too much Power
*Are Technology Companies the new Standard Oil? What is the antitrust
legal answer to these giants?
*Are Insider Trading Regulations proper in a Free Capitalist Economy?
*Prohibition: What went wrong with passing the 18 th Amendment
*Amazon and Censorship: New Medium Old Problem?
*Sexual Harassment in the workplace: Legal response to solving the
*Corruption in business law: can judges only be bought in developing
*Collective Bargaining in the NFL: too much or not enough?

*Sarbanes Oxley and the Whistleblower: Does it help Corporate Culture?
*Legality of Employers Drug Testing
*Racial Discrimination in business (can use the past constitutional cases)
*Bid Rigging and its cost to all business
*The battle of Money Laundering: whom is winning the cat or the mouse?
*Money Laundering: Are the tools of detection strong enough to stifle
terrorist flow of funds?
*Punitive Damages in Tort Cases: Has it gone too far?
*Legal Tactics of the Best Litigators: The Lessons Law School Cant Teach
* Space Law: Does the New Frontier need to be more defined?
*Shipping: Maritime Law- Process and Pirates
*Technology and Trading: Is the Law too far behind?
*Mergers: Does Antitrust Law go far enough to regulate Horizontal
*The high price of listing: Should listing a security be so burdensome?
*Predatory Lending Laws: Legal Response to Pay Day Loans
*Debt Collectors and BOTs: Stop Calling Me!
*Telemarketing: Where is the Legal Protection from Harassment?
*Pregnancy Discrimination: Is the US behind all nations?
*Non-Compete, Non-Disclosures: How can we hold them responsible?
*Breaking Bad: Legal response to $2Trillion Drug Trade
*Common Law: Is Stare Decisis a valuable legal maxim?
*The Taking Clause: How can I stop the government from taking my
* Social Media and Free Speech
*Social Media and Censorship

*Privacy in a Digital World: Is there an answer to stay private?
*Defamation (Liable and Slander): Why is it so hard to prove such a
damaging Tort?
*Scams and Scoundrels: SEC’s Response to evolving fraud
*Protecting the Consumer in the digital age