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One of the most amazing advances in computing in recent years has been the development of
quantum computers, which promise an enormous increase in speed and capacity compared
to classical computers.
Just over a week ago, CNN reported on an article in the prestigious scientific journal Nature
that claimed a major milestone in quantum computing. The original article is fairly technical,
but fortunately for us the authors of the paper also wrote a blog article summarising their
findings in a more readable form.
In response, there have been several other blogs commenting on the original findings.

Read the following four news and blog articles and answer the questions below.
Please adhere to the word limits.
Do not exceed 1000 words in total!

1. Google claims its quantum computer can do the impossible in 200 seconds
(CNN; October 23, 2019)
2. Quantum Supremacy Using a Programmable Superconducting Processor
(Google AI Blog; October 23, 2019)
3. On “Quantum Supremacy”
(IBM Research Blog; October 21, 2019)
4. Why I Called It ‘Quantum Supremacy’
Quanta Magazine; October 2, 2019)

If you are curious to see the original Nature article, you can find it here:
Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor
(Nature; 23 October 2019)



Q.1. Give a short summary of what this discovery was about, and what was its claimed
significance? Why did the authors of Article 3 consider the conclusions controversial?
(500 words max.).
Q2. What do you think were some of the motivations behind the authors of Article 2
and Article 3 in presenting their contrasting viewpoints so forcefully? Do you think
either group can claim the scientific moral high ground? (500 words max.).

You are free to read more widely on the matter, although it is not required; you do not need
to read the original paper.
Submit your completed paper to the SCIE20001 LMS site via the link on the Assessment
Page. It must be uploaded before the deadline, at which time the upload link will close.

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