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Reference:APA style
You need to Propose two potential recommendations with the TOES model,Please refer to the attached document Brickworks. Docx for company selection
Propose two potential recommendations on how the firm could expand into the chosen market successfully; evaluate these two recommendations and decide which one you would put forward to the client.(Make sure you justify your decision, and keep in mind that the recommended course of action should enable the firm to sustain its competitive advantage in the potential market.).

Group Project task description
Your work in the consulting team has been presented to the client firm’s executives. The
company’s executives are very interested in your external analysis and would like to get
further information on the potential strategy that they could adopt to win in the
recommended market.
Examining the same company and situation discussed in your presentation, write a report for
your client firm’s executives which addresses the following:
1. Briefly describe the firm’s current operations and its prospects in the chosen
market discussed in your presentation;
2. Summarise relevant opportunities and threats in the firm’s external environment
(e.g. economic, political/legal, socio-cultural, technological and environmental
aspects, industry attractiveness etc.) in that market;
3. In the context of matters discussed in (1) and (2), identify the firm’s strategy and
discuss what competitive advantage(s) the firm has in its current operation; and
4. Propose two potential recommendations on how the firm could expand into the
chosen market successfully; evaluate these two recommendations and decide
which one you would put forward to the client. (Make sure you justify your
decision, and keep in mind that the recommended course of action should enable
the firm to sustain its competitive advantage in the potential market.)

The Group Project task is worth 25% of your final grade and is due no later than 10:00AM on
4 November 2019. The report should not exceed 2500 words in length. Everything in your
report is counted for the permitted length, including executive summary and reference list. It
is recommended that the executive summary should be no more than 50 words, the
introduction around 200 words, and conclusion around 200 words. Furthermore, students
should devote no more than 400 words of the remaining space to a discussion of background
information (points 1 – 2), and the balance to the rest of the task (points 3 – 4) as described
above – this is the main task of this assignment. Your report must contain a reference list,
which is also included in the word count. The report must be submitted in .doc or .docx
format. For further guidance see the template on Canvas and consider reading some business
intelligence reports.

Support your analysis with additional research from other reliable English language sources,
including academic journal articles, corporate information databases (e.g., IBISWorld,
Passport, etc.), industry publications, official statistics, and so on. You can find the Library’s
suggested market intelligence sources here.
The report must be properly referenced in accordance with the American Psychological
Association (APA) 6th edition style. Details are available on the Library website. The report
must adhere to the University’s Academic Honesty in Coursework Policy 2015, and other
relevant University policies.

Each group should arrange one student within the group to submit the final report to Turnitin
directly before their presentation. Your filename must take the format:
GroupCode_BUSS5020_2019S2_Presentation_SecurityCode.docx, where GroupCode is your
Group’s code and SecurityCode is the firm’s ASX security code, e.g. for group M09A_01
investigating Telstra (TLS) the filename would be given by:

The University has authorised and mandated the use of text-based similarity detecting
software for all text-based written assignments. The task must therefore be submitted
through Turnitin on Canvas. One student within the group must take responsibility for
submitting the assignment. You may resubmit the report until the due date/time, after which
no further resubmissions will be accepted. You are responsible for ensuring the correct
document (not a draft) is submitted. The document in Turnitin at the deadline is the
document that will be marked, and no discussion will be entered to the contrary nor any
special pleading entertained.
Group Projects will be graded against the following criteria:
• conforming with instructions;
• depth of analysis;
• problem solving;
• research; and
• presentation and communication.

Please see the rubric on Canvas for a more detailed explanation and additional resources.
Standard Business School penalties apply for papers submitted late and/or over the word limit.
It is your responsibility to ensure you are acquainted with these policies.
Late penalties
Assessments which are submitted after the assessment deadline will incur a late penalty of
5% per day or part thereof. This penalty is deducted from the total possible marks for the
assessment, up to a maximum of 50% until the closing date. Since submission is electronic,
for the purpose of calculating penalties, weekends, public holidays, and ordinary working days
ALL count as days.


Word limit
A penalty is applied to papers which exceed the word limit. Where a student exceeds the
word limit, the student will lose 10% of the total marks when the submission is 10% above
the word limit and 10% for each 10% over-limit thereafter. Note that the word limit includes
the executive summary, in-text referencing, and the reference list at the end of the document.
Any text in tables, images, etc., is also included. Since the stated word limit for this assessment
is 2500 words, this means students can write up to 2750 words without incurring a word limit
About team-based work and peer evaluation
Groups may contain between 3 – 5 members, though a group of 4 is preferred. As well as the
application of business knowledge, team-based work requires interpersonal cooperation and
coordination. Team discussions and workload allocations may involve disagreements and
compromises. This is not unexpected. However, it is students’ responsibility to organise and
coordinate their group works.

Groups where disagreement has become a significant barrier to progress or a peaceable
conduct of group work, should arrange to meet with their lecturers as soon as possible to
rectify the situation. Groups should diligently document minutes of all meetings/discussions
about team work so that, in the event of a disagreement needing staff intervention,
appropriate documentary evidence is available. Students will have an opportunity in the final

week of semester to make a statement on the record about whether or not their team-based
work experience proceeded acceptably. The possibility exists for students who are unable to
demonstrate that they made a substantive contribution to the task to receive a grade of zero.

After the group project due date, you will be asked to complete a peer evaluation of each
your team members’ individual contributions to your team work throughout the semester.
Your individual evaluations of each of your team members will be kept confidential, although
aggregate feedback will be provided to each team member in the form of their overall peer
evaluation mark.
The final mark will be made available to students via Canvas when available. Written feedback
will be available on Turnitin. The student who is responsible for submitting the assignment
should share the written feedback within the group once it is made available.