ENGG2400 – Torsion Lab Report

Three or four sentences here in your own words. The abstract should summarise the important contents of
the entire report. Important Tip: An abstract is a piece of information for the readers/peers based on which
the readers/peers decides if they should or should not read the complete document. Therefore a strong
abstract is crucial for convincing the reader to read the whole document. It is VERY important!

1. Introduction (Max 400 words)
You can use ideas from the introduction given in the lab handout. However, it is strongly
recommended that you re-write in your own words. New ideas are most welcome! The more it is different
than the one from the lab handout, the higher the chances of getting more marks, not to mention that
obviously it has to be logical. Write the introduction from the point of view of the aims of the experiment.
2. Fundamental Theory
Present the theory using both equations and text. Be sure to define all symbols used and be consistent
throughout the report.
3. Experimental Procedure
Briefly describe the experimental procedure in third person past tense. Be sure to link back to the
theory by stating what measurements were made, what you are trying to predict and how they correspond
to the equations. The aim is to only give the information required for someone to repeat your experiment
so as to be able to replicate and verify the results.
Since there are three different experiments, you should clearly present all aims and state which
equations are used for each experiment.

ENGG2400 – Torsion Lab Report

20 September 2019 2
4. Results for Experiment 1 – Tensile testing
Write 2 – 3 lines about what you have recorded in Table 1 .
Table 1 – Tensile testing results

Force (kN)

indicator reading

reading (mm) Stress

Change in


0 0 0

Make sure you refer to every table within the body text by cross referencing Table 1 etc by using the
References tab, then Cross-reference>Table>only label and number>Insert.
5. Analysis for Experiment 1

ENGG2400 – Torsion Lab Report

20 September 2019 3
Present your plots in this section along with information derived from the plot. Present all information
that was given (specimen material/gauge length) and calculate all required values (check the handout).

This is a

Figure 1 . Stress vs strain from the first test (extensometer), create a caption label like this by right
clicking the figure and selecting “Insert caption”. It will automatically number.

You should refer to all figures and tables in the text of your report. For example, notice how I can
hyperlink to Figure 1 using References>Cross-reference>Figure.

This is a

Figure 2 . Stress vs strain from the second test (from Table 3).

Note: Make sure to do all tasks that were stated in the lab hand out. Describe all figures and make sure
they are clear in what they represent. Figure captions are placeholders, change them if you feel like it
would be appropriate.
6. Results for Experiment 2 – Shear Modulus

Table 2 – Caption Text

(0.001”=0.001 rad)

Torque (Nm) Stress Strain
0 0 0 0

7. Analysis for Experiment 2

ENGG2400 – Torsion Lab Report

20 September 2019 4
Present all plots and calculate all values required from the handout. Format in a manner similar to
section 5.
8. Results for Experiment 3 – Ultimate Shear Strength
Table 3 – Caption Text

Angle (degrees) Torque (Nm) Angle (degrees) Torque (Nm)
1 70
2 80
3 90
4 100
5 110
6 120
7 130
8 140
9 150
10 160
15 170
20 180

9. Analysis for Experiment 3

ENGG2400 – Torsion Lab Report

20 September 2019 5
Present all plots and calculate all values required from the handout. Format in a manner similar to
section 5.
10. Discussion
Write a discussion here about your results and analysis. If your results differed from what was
expected, give possible reasons why this occurred. Be sure to explain why you think these errors affected
your results.
Note: Please read the lab handout and follow the instructions provided by your demonstrators about
the content of the discussion.
11. Conclusion
Conclude your report. It is an important section as it provides the reader with a final summary of how
thoroughly the given task was accomplished and how well it correlated with the expectations and aims.
Cite any external references you have used if necessary. You can refer to something like this [1] .
[1] Reference one
[2] Reference two
Marking Criteria (delete this section for your report):
Marks Description of work
0.5 Complete Tables 1, 2 and 3 with appropriate units
1 Detailed calculations with appropriate comments. Calculations must be clear and neat.
1.5 All plots presented clearly with required points marked.
2 Discussion and conclusion based on the results.
1 Overall Formatting and Quality of Report
Total = 6 marks
 All graphs, equations and text should be computer generated
 Remove all the instructions provided in each section of this template (and also these)
 Also do not include the above table of marking criteria in your report.


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