Racism Since the Civil War

History 199 Paper Assignment


I. Introduction
A. My topic is racism since the Civil War.
B. My argument is that the war of slavery always been stopped in the American
development, but the racial gap has not been eradicated in people’s

II. Example One-The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln
A. Abraham Lincoln used fewer words to illustrates his expectancy, which
dedicated to the proposition that human-created equals.
B. Lincoln’s speech will let everyone remember the crucial for what happened in
Gettysburg, after the civil war. Like what Lincoln said from his speech, “The world
will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they
did here.”

III. Example Two-the speech of Martin Luther King in 1863
A. The event named March on Washington for Employment and Freedom
reveals that in that specific generation people still have the wrong attitude for
the black during the recent 100 years, even though some big wars hadn’t
B. Martin Luther King used his speech to encourage people to own a peaceful
dream among different races so that people can pursue real freedom. No
matter which race you are, each one is the children of God.

IV. Example Three-Ku Klux Klan Violence against Black(The civil rights
movement 1963 instead)
A. The remarkable character, Elias Hill, narrates his experience like bullying
him, which brings him so much harm, to reveal that the racism haven’t been
B. KKK Party never show their respect to the black and use cruel ways to the
black. From the article, “Don’t you pray against Ku-Klux, but pray that God
may forgive Ku-Klux.” humans can feel that dark society gave those people
desperation. Just forgive them fault.

V. Conclusion
A. After the Civil War, although slavers are released, Americans still have an
awareness of judging the race.
B. A racial problem is always following the development of America, and it still
appears in Americans’ minds in their daily life.


History 199 Paper Assignment

You will be writing a paper this semester that will test your ability to read historical
sources and write about those sources in order to make a historical argument. The focus of this
paper is “The American Experience”. I will assign a number of historical sources from various
periods of the country’s history. Each of these sources is an example of a historical figure
talking/writing about an important event or issue facing the country and how they interpret some
aspect of the American experience. You will read these sources and choose at least two of them
that focus on your chosen topic, and then analyze those sources for evidence to use for your
argument. The primary questions you will need to answer for your paper are the following:
1. What is your chosen topic, and why is it important in American history? How do your
chosen sources help explain this topic?
2. What events, issues, or themes does each author talk about in their document?
3. What does the author say about your topic in their document? What kinds of points and
arguments does the author make about your topic?
4. What conclusions can you make about your topic based on the sources you have used?
What does this tell us about the importance of your topic to American history?
Here is a selection of possible topics to choose from (note: this is not a complete list, you can
choose a topic that is not on this list):
Freedom/liberty Slavery Racism Gender differences
Role of government Capitalism Role of the U.S. in the world
The due date for your topic justification is FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27 th . On that date you need to
turn in to me a typed response of 4-6 sentences that answers the following questions:
1. What is your topic?
2. Why have you chosen this topic? What is it about your topic that would make for an
interesting paper?

The final draft of your paper should be 3-5 pages, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch
margins, double-spaced. Any other sources used to write the paper other than the documents
which I provide you must be approved by me. You should cite evidence using Chicago-style
footnote citations. Every word processing program will have an option to insert footnotes. We
will talk about citations in detail at a later date.
Your final draft is due on MONDAY DECEMBER 2 nd . We will be working on it for the entire
semester, however, and at different times during the semester you will turn in evidence of your
progress. This includes separate due dates for your topic justification, an outline of your paper,
and a rough draft of your paper. These due dates are all listed on the course syllabus.