Challenges and Opportunities of  Virtual Teams from a Worker and Manager

In this assessment you are required to write an essay. It will involve you
undertaking independent research and applying theory to your findings.
Consider the following statement:
‘The appeal of forming virtual teams is clear. Employees can manage their
work and personal lives more flexibly, and they have the opportunity to
interact with colleagues around the world. Companies can use the best and
lowest-cost global talent and significantly reduce their real estate costs.
Ferrazzi, K. 2014. Getting Virtual Team Right, Harvard Business Review.
Using the case study from page 263 in your text to provide an alternative
context discuss the challenges and opportunities of  virtual teams from both a
worker and manager perspectives.  How might they meet these challenges?
Due 11.55 pm Sunday 3/11
Content: clear understanding of the topic and concepts; adequate coverage of the topic and relevance of the material;
application of material 10 marks

Research: evidence of adequate depth and breadth of research (a minimum of 10 academic references are required). 10 marks
Reasoning: a logical argument and critical discussion 6 marks
Presentation: essay format and structure with Harvard (author date) style referencing and correct reference list.
Appropriate structure, word count, grammar and expression. An appropriate level of paraphrasing is also expected. 4 marks

Total 30 marks
Academic references include text books, journal articles and conference