Cyber Risk Management

CIS 401 – Cyber Risk Management
Homework Assignment #07

Your assignment: Practice various techniques to control access to spreadsheets.
1. Download the spreadsheet template for this assignment from Canvas.
2. Perform the following tasks
a. Protect the entire workbook so that it requires a Password to open it
Use the Workbook Password “AsUsUnD3v1L!”
b. Password protect sheet 1
Use the Worksheet Password “#Dr0wSsaP#”
c. Hide sheet 2
d. Hide the row for “New hires” in sheet 1
e. Lock column I
f. Lock cells F11, F21, and F26
3. Add the following information to cell D1 in sheet 2: “This information is top secret” but do so in a
manner that although column D is visible, the secret information is not. No other changes to sheet 2 are
to be made.
4. Add a new sheet (sheet 3) and label it “Explanation”. In the “Explanation” worksheet, write a brief
explanation of how you did each of the tasks 2a-2f above.
HINT: You may need to explore & create a proper sequence to do the above tasks properly.
Assignment Submission
1. Using the Excel template provided on Canvas, provide your Name, ASURITE #, Course Number & Title, &
Class Section # at the top of page, left justified.
2. Complete the assignment as outlined above.
3. Save the Excel Template using the file name format: CIS401_HW07_yourlastname_firstinitial.xlsx
4. Submit the XLSX document on Canvas

See Canvas for the Due Date & Time.