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Use of gplot (Ext)Demonstrates use of ggplot (or other data viz) in report
You need to  make form using R software as required
— title: “Reproducible Report Template – Basic” author: “Student(s) SID” subtitle: “Project X” date: “University of Sydney | Unit of Study | Month Year” output: html_document: fig_caption: yes number_sections: yes self_contained: yes theme: flatly toc: true toc_depth: 3 toc_float: true code_folding: hide — <br> # Executive Summary – The aim of this report is to … – The main discoveries are … <br> # Full Report ## Initial Data Analysis (IDA) RStudio has many data sets already loaded in. The example below uses preloaded data direct from RStudio example dataset: mtcars.Y9ou will need to load your own data in, using the instructions in the RGuide. “`{r} # Quick look at top 5 rows of data head(mtcars) ## Size of data dim(mtcars) ## R’s classification of data class(mtcars) ## R’s classification of variables str(mtcars) sapply(mtcars, class) “` Summary: – The data cames from … – The data is/is not valid because … – Possible issues include … – Each row represents … – Each column represents … <br> ## Research Question 1 Insert text and analysis. Summary: ## Research Question 2 Insert text and analysis. Summary: # References (if needed) Style: APA <br>