Geographic information system GIS

Deadline: 5th,Nov 9:00pm,2019(Beijing times)Please be punctual.
Word:3500 words Must be able to use gis software

Reference:  harvard  at least 20 reference

Annex 1 is the requirement for this assignment.The part marked yellow in the picture is the work requirement

Attachment 2 is what you need to pay attention to
Annex 3 is the gis operation manual
Annex 4 is about the class content of this assignment

1、Please make sure you can operate gis software,You need to decide on a research project and let me know and the students agree before you move on to the next step。
2、You need to write a report based on the software data, and the data should be collected by yourself.
After the software is finished, the data and operation should be archived for students
You need to log in with your school account before you import the data
password: Txx13138239888
3、at least 20 referenceReferences must include those specified in the job requirements
Need Turntin reportRepeat rate not more than 5%
4、About the topic, you must communicate with me first, and then continue the software operation and writing after confirmation
Please complete on time.
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Here are some things you need to pay attention to from the student's
I can see some of you are still not clear about the requirement of the course
project. Simply speaking, you're expected to carry out a GIS application. That
1. You collect some spatial data;
2. You carry out some spatial analyses;
3. You obtain some results that can be visualized by maps, from which you gain
some new information or knowledge.
I posted some GIS application examples on Moodle. Just give you an idea what a
GIS application looks like. You don't have to follow the exact procedure.
Please note: it is not enough if you just map/visualize your data. Spatial
analyses are necessary.
If you have any questions, please post them on Moodle.

Q: Can you suggest any website where I could access shape files of any city?
A: Some data for the UK:
For openstreetmap, you can download shapefile from the following two websites:
I think you still can use the old book to finish most of the exercises (some students in
previous years also used the old version book). You can have a look at the Table of
Content of the new book
3_ed1p1_toc.pdf) and let me know whether there is any chapter missing (if so, you
can borrow my book to make a photocopy).

1. Finding a site for a new school
2. Finding an alternate access route
3. Network Analysis examples (route planning & location selection)
4. Celebrating linguistic diversity workflow