Hotel Management

Case Study Submission Format (for Case Study 4 only)
Each student is to submit one (1) TYPED Case Study Analysis (CSA) (this is your Submission). You
are to work independently on your CSA.
USE BULLETS to address each of the six (8) questions in the order presented – SEE BELOW.
On CSA day – each student will be required to give a 2 minute presentation on their selected
As stated previously: each of the following bullet points must be addressed IN THE ORDER
PRESENTED (using easy to read bullet points).
Who is your entrepreneur: provide a biography of this person to include (but not limited to)
Early life (where born, parents, etc.)
Education, if any.
Their early adult years (ages 18 – 30) – professionally
Their middle age years (ages 31 – 61) – professionally
Their later years and passing (61 – onwards) – professionally
Anything about their personal life (where they married, did they have children, etc.)
What was their most famous idea, invention, etc. (they may have more than one (see Thomas
Edison, et al)
What are the Pro’s of this idea, product or concept?
What are the Con’s of this idea, product or concept?
What adversities did they have to overcome on the way to achieving entrepreneurial success?
How did their product, service or idea change how we live, think or behave?
What products or innovations have come later as a result of their initial invention or idea?
What were some of the unforeseen outcomes/consequences (the law of unintended
consequences) for invention or idea?
On CSA presentation day – you will provide to class a 2 minute presentation on the entrepreneur
you selected: you must cover the following items:
Who they are
What they created (idea, product, service, technique, etc.)
How has their creation changed the world we live in (pro and con)
What adversity did they have to overcome
Why did you selected this particular individual?