Psychology – Secure and Defensive High Self-Esteem

Deadline:29th,Oct,8:00pm,2019,beijing time
You have one major goal to accomplish today with your first research article… (The Jordan Paper)
Explain to yourself how someone can have high self esteem and still be a complete
•   To do that, answer the following questions
•   1. What causes maladaptive high self esteem? (5 points) Please use the terms “implicit” and “explicit” self esteem in your answer.
•   2.  What were the three outcomes noted in this study for those who have maladaptive self esteem (what do they do more than those who have adaptive high self esteem?) (3 points)
• 3. From the second article: How was defensive high esteem defined and determined in this paper? (2 points)
• 4.  What were the results of the long term interactions between those with defensive high esteem and those in their group? (5 points)
•5. Imagine you are about to deliver a constructive criticism to a person who displays high narcissism. In light of how you now know they will respond if you just say “your performance isn’t good enough”, in what TWO WAYS will you change your delivery in order to minimize their combative and aggressive tendencies? (10 points)
Make sure you reference your answers with evidence.
•   If you need assistance, use your group discussion as an opportunity for clarification.
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