A reading log/reading response entry

A reading log/reading response entry

Editing requirements
 12 point Times New Roman font or similar
 1.5 line-spaced or double spaced
 500 – 1000 words maximum (that’s including footnotes/endnotes but excluding
the bibliography/works cited)
 No headings/subheadings required
 All pages numbered, please
 Margins/indentation of your choice (within reason)
 First page:
– Course name: Introduction to Sociology I
– Course number: SOCI 111
or according to the reference style of your choice.
 Please upload your paper to Canvas (in a Word or other editable text format) by
or on Friday, Nov 15, 2019.

General guidelines
 A reading log/reading response entry is an opportunity for you to have your say about
the book/chapter/paper that you have read. In particular, think about how to answer
questions such as, (you do not need to answer all of the below, these are just examples to
help you get a sense of where to start):
 What is it that you think makes this reading important/compelling/useful?
 What did you like/dislike about the reading and why?
 What do you consider to be the main point/thesis that the author is making in their
text? How would you assess that point (valid, convincing, not so much? Why? Why
 Are there any arguments/theses in the text that you feel strongly about (either agree
or disagree with), and why?
 Is there anything new that you learnt by reading the text?

 Is there anything in the text that you would really like to comment or elaborate on?
 How does this text relate to other sources you are familiar with (and/or other
sources you cite in your response paper)?
 What thoughts/comments/conclusions did you draw from the read text?
 Please do not just summarize the text. You can do it, to a certain extent, but do not
stop there.

 You can choose any reading related to sociology, however, I strongly recommend that you
pick one of the class readings set in the syllabus (which could include a chapter from our
textbook). You can also choose a reading that we have not yet covered. Please
remember to use at least three other sources in your work. Remember, this is a short
response paper, so you will not have a lot of space. Plan your work, so that your paper
has some sort of coherent structure, with introduction and conclusion(s).

Writing guidelines

 Please use the University library and online library resources (which have plenty of
journal databases with full access articles are available through online library access
and full e-books as well), as well as correctly referenced sources available on the
Internet (note: Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly resource); please do not base your
assignment only on class notes or the textbook, however, it is of course
understandable that you will use these as well.
 Please use at least three different sources (that’s not counting the textbook)
 Please do not exceed the word limit of the essay unless strictly necessary. Any
excess of more than 20% of the limit will be penalized.
 Please use (semi)formal, academic English – avoid slang words, informal
expressions etc. Please remember to use correct grammar, spelling and
punctuation – this is a social sciences course, and so I might deduct some marks
if I find excessive mistakes in terms of spelling, grammar, style etc., in your work.

 Please make sure you reference all sources for all used information, including
diagrams, tables, photos or charts, if applicable; I don’t mind if there are 500
footnotes in your essay if that’s what it takes – plagiarism is stealing somebody
else’s (intellectual) property. Stay covered, and if something is taken from
somebody else’s work – put the reference in. You do not need to reference class
notes, though. Remember – you need to attribute authorship to any and all
ideas/photos/videos/data/stats/images etc etc. you borrow from someone, even
if you are not quoting them verbatim. Paraphrasing is not sufficient. Putting the
book in the reference list at the end is not sufficient, either. On the other hand, you
need not reference things or ideas that you can assume are common knowledge
(either in general or within your academic discipline).
 Please include a Bibliography/References/Works cited section at the end of your
o Reference style
 Please remember to use one and the same referencing style throughout the
entire text of your essay – consistency is key.
 If you are not sure which reference style to use, I recommend APA. For a
useful guide, please consult:

You are also free to choose a different style if there is one you are more comfortable with.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.