Reference:CHICAGO style

  in the unit outline in the detailed requirements of the third assignments

For the first 600 words, there are four dots: 150 for the first dot, 50 for the second dot, 100 for the third dot, and 300 for the fourth dot.

In 150 words, it is necessary to deny the contents of the book if you want to write your own opinions, such as what is said in the PDF of Cognitive Development (non-linear, much more dynamic) (the first photo).

Roadblocks should be included in 100 words, as well as the 10 principles in the PDFweek2 I sent you (be sure to have at least three, according to the text of my presentation in detail) and 5 impressions (which are highlighted on page 5).

I will send you a phonetic section of 50 words, which was detailed by our tutor. Please write according to that.

The following 1200 words should be written according to the homework requirements and the High distinction of the grading standard I sent (the fourth photo).

A Critical reflection is a process of reflection.There was a problem when our group gave a speech. At the beginning, the PPT could not be put out. Our small ornaments were the heads of three handmade small figures, which were the Wolf in the Wolf, the little boy and the sheep, and some photos in the PPT I sent.