Diverted to Delhi


A 1,500-word essay

Essay topic: watch the film ‘Diverted to Delhi’. In your essay, please discuss how cross-
cultural work experiences has been changing the socio-cultural circumstances of the

particular country that you choose.

*Please use at least five (5) academic references, such as academic books and
academic journal articles, which you will search for in the library.
*The essays should be double-spaced and using 12-point fonts with appropriate page
*Referencing Style: For your essays, you must use an Author-Date Referencing style (in-
text author-date citations + reference list).
A few basic points on writing an effective essay:
– Your essay should be persuasive. Imagine as your reader a fellow student rather
than your lecturer.
– An excellent introduction makes the difference between a good and an outstanding
essay. It formulates the research question and proposes an answer, which helps your
reader understand the flow and point of your arguments.
– Excellent essays are clearly structured into paragraphs.
– The conclusion restates key points of your arguments and addresses the possibility
of contradictions and/or limiting cases. It may also raise further questions or suggest
broader implications of the research.
– You must meticulously reference your sources.
‘Diverted to Delhi’film link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vvCKoETTF0