Migration and Diaspora

Due: Nov 6, 2019 (11:59 PM)
Weighting: 30%
You will write:
n An academic essay of 1,500 words (not including footnotes or bibliography).
n This essay will compare 2 films: a film from the unit and another film of your
choice that is not part of MAS304 film list.
n You will focus on a specific theme or concept introduced in the unit.
n Samples of themes/ concepts (please note that these are just samples — they
should not limit your creative approach on the topic):
Travel and gender
The flaneur
The tourist
Colonial travel
The road movie
“Home and away”

Migration and diaspora
Accented cinema
Travel and documentary
The traveler as neoliberal subjects

n You will need to articulate this specific theme in a clear, concise, and specific
thesis. Your thesis must have an argument.
n Support your argument with evidence from the two films. Select a few scenes as
n Bibliography must include at least four academic references, and two of them
must be from the unit readings.