Potential competitors

This is a group assignment and I am responsible for the following questions
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We are now
Brand: The North Face
Category: sportswear, outdoor sports
Target market: New York
Potential competitors: inexpensive outdoor sports equipment in fairprice supermarkets, other
specialty brands
E. Use Ad$pender to analyze shares of spending for your brand and your selected competitors.
Don’t forget to specify a time period in your report. It should correspond to the time period of
your SOM numbers (e.g., the year of 2017)
· How much is spent on all media by all brands in the category?
· How much is spent per medium by all brands in the category?
· How much does each brand spend on advertising?

F. Do Media Mix and Share of Spending analyses (remember the tables from the Competitive
Analysis lecture and the in-recitation assignment). What conclusions can you draw about media
strategies that your brand and the competing brands use? What about clutter that exists in each
medium? In which media do you have a better opportunity? Why?