The Digital Creative Economy

To research and write an essay of 2000 words that answers one question from the following list of six questions.


  1. “The digital creative economy depends on the belief that social media work is easy and potentially profitable” (Duffy and Wissinger 2017). Evaluate this statement with reference to celebrity and influencers within the realities of Australian Digital Media Economy.
  2. Facebook argues that regulation of digital platforms in Australia would result in restricted access to online services. Why should such regulatory bodies as the ACCC and ACMA have authority over the Australian Operations of International Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Netflix?
  3. “Social media activism and innovation can be a double- edged sword as indigenous activists are exposed to racist discourse and traumatic content online and often experience direct threats of violence” ( Carlson, Jones, Harris, 2017). Discuss this statement with reference to media activism andn the role of Australian regulatory bodies.