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3,000-Word Research Proposal Instructions and Presentation Template
Students are required to develop a research proposal worth 3,000 words (a minimum of 2,
975 words and a maximum of 3,025 words) excluding tables, figures and references.
Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the course coordinator before embarking on
the research proposal, and get assistance early in the Semester.
Relevant lectures (4, 5, 6 and 10) will comprehensively cover methods of writing an effective
research proposal, and a successful research proposal will need to follow these principles
The aim of the research proposal is to persuade readers that you have:
 a valuable research project;
 a good understanding of the relevant literature and the major issues;
 a sound methodology; and
 the skills and the work-plan to complete the proposed research project.
A research proposal should include all the major elements entailed in the research process
and contain adequate information for readers to assess the proposed study.
Warning: The University of Queensland takes acts of plagiarism very seriously. You
must go through Sections 5.1, 5.4 and 6.1 of the ECP very carefully.
Note: Please read PPL 3.60.04 – section 2[e] regarding “submitting the same work or
recycled work without prior permission of the course coordinator” very carefully.
Exercise utmost caution in using your own and other people’s work. The similarity index
must not exceed 10%.

ECON7950-1-2019 Research Methods in Economics (3,000-Word Research Proposal) Student # and Surname 2

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

School of Economics
Research Methods in Economics
Research Proposal: Title in full

An ECON7950 Research Proposal submitted to the School of Economics, The University of
Queensland, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of (Specify name of
degree for which the research proposal is submitted, e.g. Master of Health Economics

Your name in full with surname underlined + eight digit student number

submission date e.g., 11 November 2019
Marking distribution for research proposal
Criterion Weight Your
count *

Suggested word

Minimum Maximum
Introduction and background 15% 595 605
Literature review 25% 895 905
Aims, objectives and Research questions 20% 595 605
Methodology 20% 595 605
Significance 10% 295 305
Presentation (proofreading, consistency of
referencing style, line spacing, use of font type and
size, page numbering, completion of checklist,
abstract with keywords etc.)

10% –

Total 100% 2,975 3,025
*Must be completed and must be within the suggested word length

ECON7950-1-2019 Research Methods in Economics (3,000-Word Research Proposal) Student # and Surname 3
Complete your work according to the following sequence

A 250-word Abstract (not included in the word count). Please put the
abstract in italics to separate it from the main text. The abstract must have
3-4 key words and 2-3 JEL Classification codes
1. Introduction and Background (Your word count in bracket here)
2. Literature review (Your word count in bracket here)
3. Research question and objectives (Your word count in bracket here)
4. Methodology (Your word count in bracket here)
5. Significance (Your word count in bracket here)
6. Resources (not included in word count)


References (not included in word count)
Timescale (not included in word count)
Appendices if any (not included in word count)

ECON7950-1-2019 Research Methods in Economics (3,000-Word Research Proposal) Student # and Surname 4

Important – Checklist

This MUST completed as the last page of your submission via

Paragraphs under 250 words
Tables if any on single page
Consistent font size
Consistent font spacing
Consistent font usage (e.g., do not mix Aerial
with Times New Roman)
Consistent spacing between paragraphs
Paragraphs logically flow together
Reference style is either APA or Harvard
format only (not a mixture of the two)
Reference style consistency:
– Inconsistent usage of “The” in journal
– Inconsistent use of quotes in referencing
– Avoid use of DOI if you already have
year, volume and page numbers in case
of journal articles
– Inconsistent use of capital letters in titles
and names
– E.g. author name (QUIGGIN) should
actually be Quiggin.
Have you followed every part of the
presentation template above?
Do you realise that not following the
presentation template below will entail loss of
Have you numbered your pages?
The similarity index does not exceed 10%

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