HR Practices of an Organization

The purpose of this report is to examine the HR practices of an organization. You are
asked to interview a HR professional or an individual within an organization with HR
You must prepare a list of interview questions designed to develop an understanding
of the existing HR practices evident within their organization. You may work with a
partner to develop the interview questions and interview the HR professional;
however, each student must submit their own individual report. You will need to ask
questions specifically related to a minimum of four functional areas of human
resources (HR planning, job analysis, human rights, recruitment & selection, training
& career development, performance management, compensation & benefits, health,
safety & security, or employee/labour relations). The intent of this exercise is to
provide an opportunity to examine your key learnings drawn from the course
and to understand the application of human resources practices within a real
The report must include: – A brief introduction & conclusion,
– A context setting paragraph including: name of organization, title of individual
who was interviewed, type of organization (public, not-for-profit, private sector),
size of organization, nature of business or organization,
– A description of 4 functional areas of HR within the organization, and –
Integration of course materials including text and additional research including
3 journal articles. As stated above, journals must be sufficiently academic. In
addition, the following requirements must be observed:
– The report length should be approximately 4-5 pages, – APA format must be
– The report should be written concisely and clearly using a formal style (avoid
using first person, “I think, I believe …”)
– A bibliography is required, and – A copy of the interview questions must be
included in the Appendix which follows the bibliography.