JR-West Company Operations

JR-West Company Operations

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JR-West business was merged as a trade organization (Kabushiki Kaisha) early in 1987 as
a measure of the disintegration of the national retained Japanese State Railways (JNR).
Primarily, it was a wholly-owned subordinate of the JNR Disbursement Firm, and a personal
business generated holding the properties of the earlier JNR, whereas they were shuffled
amongst the current JR businesses in which it involved with monopolistic market features.
Question 1

Generally, the train journey among Tokyo and Osaka is sound and best linked, and there
are several means of making the trip. Therefore, the quickest method of traveling from Osaka to
Kyoto considered by using rail. Consequently, through making use of JR pass, ones might
get a Shinkansen bullet railway-train which recognized as the fastest and secure both with
passengers and goods. Hence, since it only takes about at least fourteen minutes from Tokyo to
Osaka, thereby ensuring the perishable products are well secured. Also, a bullet train considered
the cheapest and economical means of transport. Therefore, bullet trains charging at least $12 per
passenger definitely will make the economy to remain to be stables and, as such, will result in
the elimination of inflations, thus strengthening full employment among the citizen. Therefore,
for a country with the best strategy on pricing will always guarantee quality services and as well
as moderate pricing being put into place. Thus japan government being the leading nations in
terms of industrialization will always put in places ethical rules regulating monopoly company
operations to avoid overpricing (Cho, Chien, Nguyen, & Truong, 2018)

Hence, considered as being very easy to purchase shinkansen vouchers in individuals at
train locations within Japan.
Moreover, any JR receipt workplace and voucher window would trade shinkansen
receipts. Therefore, in more prominent train locations like Tokyo and Kyoto, both have steadfast
shinkansen voucher workplaces. Note: ones need recompense in yen notes. However, recognized
as being handy having a scarce Y10, 000 cash, as well, around Y1, 000 payment for such. Thus,
one might put entire bills collectively. Therefore, if one appear to be planning in making
numerous shinkansen trips during the period in Japan, then ones actually must reflect and aim at
purchasing a Japan Rail Pass, as it could soundly/excellent work out as the economical choice.

Question 2
JR West Company should always introduce fair and reasonable treatment to all the
customers; the company should employ "equality is equity rule," thus ensuring inexpensive
fare/ticket has been added to customers equitably. Hence, to create employment, one has to
ensure charging the prices, which considered not to be too high since it might result in economic
instability. Therefore ensuring proper growth of the economy, JR West business should introduce
a cost-effective fare; a reasonable price will lead to high demand, thus more significant customer
attraction. Besides, price elasticity should always be employed in the operations to keep changes
in price rate relatively to changes in currency valuations. Basically, the pricing strategy to
introduce will involve coming up with the best price, which will lead to proper results and good
economies of scale as a result of price elasticity (Jiang, Chen, Zhang, & Zhang, 2015).
Question 3

JR West company should introduce always consider the situation of businesspeople since
they are much concerned about building economic productivity by only participating in activities
that will make the nation's economy positivity. Therefore, the business traveler should be the
main people to be considered and given the priority since their activity will always involve
increasing efficiency within the nations. Thus, developed countries like japan will still be
believed providing the best preferences to business-oriented people since it will keep the
economic stability to be always active. Besides business, people could be dealing with perishable
goods which require the shortest period for the products to expire. Thus considering them first
will be of great importance in concern with economical building stability.



Summing up, quickest means of transport considered as the best means since it
guarantees safety to products/ goods as well to passengers. Bullet trains found as the best means
of transportation, especially to bulky and perishable since it will ensure enough safety for rights.


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