Emerging Economies

Refer to the following emerging economies: Singapore, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Thailand,
Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Vietnam. Choose one
country for your group and no two groups can choose the same country. You are required to
conduct an overall analysis of your country using yearly data from 2000 – 2015, focusing on the
macroeconomic indicators below which show how the economy has performed during this
period. The macroeconomic aggregates on which you shall base the analysis of your report are as
a) Growth rate of real GDP per capita (in constant USD)
b) Gross domestic investment (gross capital formation) (% of real GDP in constant USD)
c) Gross savings (% of real GDP in constant USD)
d) Trade ratio (import plus export as % of real GDP in constant USD)
e) Inflation rate
f) Unemployment rate
g) Real interest rate and
h) Official exchange rate
The report shall have an introduction, main body of analysis, and a conclusion. The introduction
should include a brief description of the country in 100-200 words. Thereafter, based on the
above macroeconomic indicators write a 3000 word report covering the following four key
1. The report shall provide an analysis and explanations, using the above macroeconomic
indicators, of how the economy performed before after the great recession, that is, roughly
before and after 2008.
2. The report shall investigate whether there was noticeable changes savings and investment gap
before or after the crisis and provide some explanations for the changes in these indicators.
3. The report shall identify whether trade to GDP ratio was threatened after the crisis and what
factors helped to stabilise the country’s global trade.
4. In the conclusion, the report shall identify two major challenges that lie ahead that must be
overcome to stimulate domestic investments and strengthening trade surplus in the near future
as well as two major weaknesses that need to be addressed to maintain a positive growth rate
with manageable inflation.
• Data for the above indicators of all the countries provided are available at:
However, you may use any other data sources that you may like, such as the OECD database.
• Use citation where necessary and provide full references.
• Use as many graphs as you think is necessary.

• Marking criteria:
o A clear focus on answering the four key aspects
o Understanding of and ability to apply economic principles
o Concise and logical development of key arguments
o Analytical depth and avoidance of inconsistencies
o Carefully supported analysis, including the use of appropriate reference materials
o Presentation of work, including appropriate length, proofreading and citation of references
• Word limit: 3500 words
• A single report shall be submitted as a group with the names and IDs of the group members in
the cover page. The section cover by each member should be identified in the cover page to get
the individual marks. The group will be assigned an overall mark.