Foreign Firms

Write an essay on one of the following topics:
1) How do foreign firms become embedded in host locations whilst simultaneously
benefitting from the advantages of being an international business?
2) Develop a theoretically-informed analysis of the emergence of an international
firm that specialises in providing services.
3) Using relevant theory, explore three factors that contribute to the failure of
international businesses.
4) “The concept of timeless theory needs to be considered and a debate needs to
develop regarding the primary timeless theories that enhance understanding”
(Andres and Bryson, 2018). Using examples, critically explore this statement
with reference to international business.
5) How do firms create, retain and manage assets that might become important
firm-specific assets?

a) Use at least 12 peer-reviewed publications (journal papers, monographs).
b) Use the Harvard referencing system.
Length: Up to 2000 words
Submission date: 12 noon Wednesday 6 th November 2019