Huawei Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturer in China

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A. Assignment One (worth 50%) – Individual Assignment, 1,200-word assignment due Week 5
For this project, your mark is based on your analysis of a cross-media campaign. Research and write a critique of a brand’s presence across Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned platforms – does the brand deliver consistent values and messaging across all platforms? Does the brand’s strategy yield a competitive advantage in terms of visibility and consumer awareness?
Pay attention to both the visual identity and message communication expressed by the brand.
Format: 1200 words max plus screen shots of brand activation in relevant PESO formats
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Nowadays, there are more than three billion people in 170+ countries using
Huawei, which is a leading telecommunication equipment manufacturer in
China. In the half of 2019, Huawei already delivered CNY101.3billion in
revenue and that is 23.2% increase than the same period of 2018. Huawei,
the most famous Chinese brand has been developed suddenly in last dew
years, there are no doubt that the campaign of them are excellent, thus, this
essay will analyze the specious campaign of Huawei in different periods, how
their campaign related with the PESO format, the brand strategy in terms of
consumer awareness and the challenge of the brand.
First of all, Huawei has put a lot of effort into making advertising that fit the
facts of the periods. For example, according to the Campaign website, few
years’ age, the leader of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, who also is the founder and
CEO realized that if they want to develop internationally, they have through
the advertising to deliver their own story to the consumer that to begin their
first branding campaign. Thus, in 2015, the first Huawei corporate campaign
showed up, that is a ballerina’s feet that one dressed up the ballet shoe and
ready to show, while the other is bare feet and there lost of scar with gauze.
The text said that the journey is hard and joyful, seems to tell us the surface of
Huawei may have huge achievement and developing successfully, while the
truth is how hard it has to be for Huawei to be where it is. After two years of
rapid development, from 2012 to 2016, the annual sale revenues of Huawei
already more than doubled, it has become the leader of the information and
communication technology industry, they have to anew consider that what
they want to deliver. Therefore, the new campaign of Huawei became to a
image that a lighthouse in Australian are piercing the darkness night. As we
know, the lighthouse always as the symbol of the guide that can help people
find the right way. The aim that this campaign is nowadays Huawei do not
have to follow others, they have to look forward and get a bigger vision to
continue to innovate and open wider market, that is the intention of this image,
the lighthouse beam seems like the aim want to innovate and to light up the
unknown intelligential world. The different campaign used by different periods
seems like simple while the exact explain of the fact the brand is hard to
define. Furthermore, the Huawei started about 1988, which is the branch of

the PLA research sector. Since they develop, Huawei increase to corporate
with multinational company and entry to the international market. To a great
extent to build foundation for the future international development. In the part
of media development, the international corporate help Huawei got more
opportunities to advertise themselves. The advertising of Huawei always
through the specious symbolize way to describe the possibility that when
people start to innovate, for example, a advertisement video of Huawei wins
seven awards at Cannes 2019. The video named “story sign”, which tell us a
story about a deaf little girl using the Huawei smartphone read the animation
and satisfy her silence Christmas. This actually is introducing the function of
Huawei, the story sign. Huawei through develop the media and technology to
help the deaf children from all over the world.


In addition, the PESO format first described by Gini Dietrich in her book in
2014, which divided the relationship between the media owners and
advertisers into four parts, paid, earned, shared and owned. In this case, the
most typical paid media of Huawei is they spend huge money to corporate
with government and build 5G base station from all over the world. For
instance, Huawei has occupied 50 commercial 5G contracts from outside of
China, involve the Asia and the Europe, while shipped more than 150000 5G
base stations to all over the world. While when citizens using their own
country 5G and realized that all the base station are built by Huawei, the aim
to advertising is successful, therefore increasingly people from all over the
world would be interested this powerful brand. Secondly, the earned media of
Huawei actually to a great extent own to their smartphone business. For
instance, In the 2016, the annual sale revenue of the consumer division has
grow more than doubled of last year and it take more than a third of total
revenue of Huawei. Therefore, increasingly people through the smartphone
industry to interested in the Huawei, they perhaps choose to trust the quality
of the brand, which is a huge innovate of a brand. In addition, the shared
media have a pretty interesting fact in China. Many adults consider that buy a
Huawei smartphone is the symbol of patriotic. There is no doubt that to
contribute the price, the Huawei has more benefits than the apple, therefore,
with the high quality, the cheaper price and the complex that buying ‘made in

China’ product, to a great extent citizens choose the Huawei. Finally, the
owned media is the most popular and effective media platform that the brand
can use their own campaign to deliver the brand message to the consumer.
For example, the Huawei have thousands of website that can provide the
service for the citizens who buying a product or not. Like the website named
support Huawei, there are have global and various regions, citizens can
easily. And also the Huawei company will hold the seminar even the online
live regularly, the nearest is the Huawei European innovation day 2019, which
will process at the Paris. After the seminar, the website of official Huawei will
send the summary that how successful the workshop is.
On the other hand, even Huawei has huge innovated in last periods, there are
also have more challenge that they have to face. The first of all, the US ban
the Huawei and it is not the only one who does it, the trend shows that
Australia and Korean seems like cannot accept Huawei’ contract of 5G
networks. The reason why they may refuse perhaps is the control of Chinese
government to the technology company is too strong. In addition, too many
efforts that put into build the media communication perhaps influence the
technology that Huawei are innovating, that is possible that the brand spend
too much time at the surface rather than actually develop the quality.For
Huawei, being a Chinese is a change and a opportunities. Actually in some
views from all over the world, hashtag that made in china seems like a
negative single, which means the bad quality and the old fashion technology,
while after many years, speciously this five years, many Chinese company
have been show up at the international market, like the Alibaba and Tencent,
which deliver to the consumer that the product made in China can also be
To summary, in the assessment that analyzed Huawei as a technological
brand, how does they put the effort and money into the media, while they
using the PESO format to develop their popularity and deliver to the

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