Contemporary Design Issues

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Major: contemporary design issues
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Main argument/contention: Whether handicraft is a regression or an evolution is a controversy.

Definitions your key terms and definitions: Handcrafting refers a work produced by hand labour.

Annotated References: 2-3 sentences summarising each of the key text/s/screenings. Explain which key point/s are relevant to your discussion.
Once the handicraft is linked to the concept of consumption, conflicts arise. There are totally two different views. Support and opposition.
Names/ Titles of examples (include references). Does Handcrafting mean obsolescence?

Paragraph Main ideas and discussion points Relevant research/ quotes to
support your discussion. Use
APA in-text citation

Examples relevant to the paragraph

Thesis/ Main

 Handicrafts are linked to the concept of consumption.
 Some people think it is out of season.
 Some people think it’s valuable.

Not essential for introduction Not essential for introduction

Paragraph 1

 The commercial value of handicrafts is becoming
more and more valuable.

ABC-TV (Australia). (2015,
September 3). Rise of the Makers
[Television Broadcast, episode 1).
In Bespoke. Australia: Australian
Broadcasting Corporation.

Technology has given artisans and
entrepreneurs access to international
markets, and consumers are increasingly
rejecting mass produced products in
favour of the handcrafted and unique.

2DDD20004 Issue Assignment – Essay Plan
Paragraph 2

 Handicrafts are just a useless little trick.

Campbell, M. (2009, May 21).
Canvas. The Age, p.17. The DIY
Aesthetic, Consumerism &
Resistance (Links to an external
site.) Links to an external site.

By emphasising human creativity over
base profit motives, handmade things beg
us to like them and their creators.

Paragraph 3

 Handicrafts are a warm memory.

Metcalf, B. (2008). DIY, websites
and energy: The new alternative
crafts [Blog post]. Retrieved from

In contrast to much recent work on the
resurgence of interest in DIY craft culture,
it takes a historical perspective and argues
for the emergence of a new, historically
conscious, socially engaged amateur

Paragraph 4

 Handicrafts are a radical adversity.

Hackney, F. (2013) Quiet Activism
and the New Amateur: The Power
of Home and Hobby Crafts, Design
and Culture, 5, 2, 169-194.

In general, craftivism is anti-globalist, anti-
corporate, green, enthusiastic about any
attempts to get off the grid and deeply
sympathetic to populations who feel
marginalized from the mainstream.

Paragraph 5

 Some handicrafts represent the crystallization of
human civilization.

Chinese Handicraft. (2019).
Chinese Handicraft, Retrieved

Someone said the handicrafts are
productions of the culture.

Paragraph 6

 Handicrafts can relieve stress.

Ann Dolling, Hanna Nilsson, Ylva
Lundel. (2017). Stress recovery in
forest or handicraft environments –
An intervention study, Urban
Forestry & Urban Greening,
Volume 27,162-172.

The sleep latency increased slightly
among participants in the handicraft

Paragraph 7

 Handicrafts are prone to racial discrimination.

Arman Akhoondnejad.
(2016).Tourist loyalty to a local

When ethnicity is said to be manifest and
practised through handicrafts, these

3DDD20004 Issue Assignment – Essay Plan

 cultural event: The case of
Turkmen handicrafts festival,
Tourism Management, Volume 52,

seemingly innocent objects become

Paragraph 8

 Handicrafts are an aesthetic transfer from vulgar to

Aesthetic Experience as a Spiritual
Support of Homo Post-Secularis.

It outlines the main traits of the post-
secular person (homo post-saecularis).


 People have different opinions on handicraft, but on
the whole, it is good.

Not essential for conclusion Not essential for conclusion

ESSAY PLAN TEMPLATE NOTE: Add further paragraph rows as required. Add further bullet discussion points as required.
Instructions: Include one of each example, organise according to Figure/Image Number. Include detailed image caption and image URL

Instructions: You must read/view all texts and media in the list of Set Readings/Viewings for your question. List your research using APA6th Edition
referencing guidelines.
Reference List of Set Readings/Viewings:
Reference List of Independently Sourced Research:

4DDD20004 Issue Assignment – Essay Plan
Books/ Book Chapters
Scholarly Journal Articles and Online Articles (Minimum 2)
Websites (Minimum 2)
Audiovisual (Documentaries, interviews, TED Talks, etc)



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