Economics as a Social Science

ECOP1001 Economics as a Social Science

Due: 5pm Monday 21st October
This assessment is designed to develop your skills in
communicating and evaluating key theoretical perspectives in
political economy. Your short essays should compare two schools of
economic thought.
The paper should be 1500 words in length (including references
in Harvard style), and include concise and carefully argued
answers to one of the optional questions below.
Assessment criteria
1) Thoroughness of analysis in addressing the set question;
2) Appropriate and critical use of academic literature;
3) Ability to develop a well-focused argument;
4) Clear and succinct written expression;
5) Attention to detail in citation and referencing using Harvard style.
1. Do markets reconcile competing interests? Do they reconcile
self-interests with the public interest?
2. How does the economy shape class relations and structure?
How does class shape economic outcomes?
3. What is meant by ‘competition’ in the economy? Is it always
4. What is profit? Where do profits come from?

Do online library research:
In-text references and references list should be Harvard style.