HR organization behavior

1. Examine the continued success of so-called ‘budget’ airlines against
the context of the customer being king.
2. Compare and contrast the music supply chains of ‘The Beatles’ or
‘Rolling Stones’ with that of either ‘Lorde’ or ‘Cold Play’.
3. How do you justify the move by the Hyundai Car Company into steel
production in an era of increasing specialisation in core competencies?
4. In what way has IT altered the access to, and the delivery of, tertiary
5. ‘Regulation is a negative, restrictive concept’. Discuss this statement in
terms of SCM.
6. Discuss the impact of tariffs and other restrictions, on supply chain
7. How can small firms in New Zealand participate in global supply chain

8.‘The idea of SCM alliances/partnerships in FMCG is a myth’. Discuss.
9.Explore the role of globalisation in the continued success of Fonterra.
10.Why is agile supply chain management so important for the RNZAF?