Corporate Finance

The major assignment is a 2,000 word report, which you are required to complete
individually. You are required to analyse the capital structure of an ASX listed
1. Select an ASX listed firm from a non-Financial industry and calculate the
firm’s capital structure over the past 5 years.
2. Compare your firm’s capital structure with other firms in the same
3. Discuss your firm’s capital structure.
a. According to the theories you have learnt in class, what is a firm’s
optimal capital structure?
b. Based on your analysis, do you think your firm is operating at its
optimal capital structure?

Your assignment must be properly referenced according to the APA 6th
referencing and citation style. You should include a list of references at the end
of your report, which does not contribute to your word limit. For more details,
While you do not need to include the raw data in your report, your write up should
contain enough detail so the reader can replicate your analysis (i.e., you need to
provide information about data sources, sample periods, formulas etc.).
Please note that some marks will be awarded for presentation and clarity of