International Banking Group Assignment

BANK6005 International Banking Group Assignment – Semester 2 (2019)

For this whole assignment you need to work in groups (up to 4 students) within the same
lecture stream. This is a group research project that must be completed and submitted as a
group. Web-based checks on plagiarism will be conducted on each group project.

1. Topic
You are a consulting team. Pick one bank in any country. Assuming that the bank is planning
to expand its business to Fintech Lending Market (can be either domestic or foreign),
prepare an advisory report for them. Please include any information as you see fit. You may
include the status of the banking industry, fintech lending industry, regulatory issues, different
types of risks, or opportunities in the report.

2. Task description
1. Try to submit a proposal by week 4 via TURNITIN on the unit’s CANVAS
You should try to include in the report: group name, all group members’ full names,
name of the bank, tentative plan for the report
2. Submit final report (should not exceed 15 pages excluding cover page, reference, tables, and
figures) by 5pm Friday 25 Oct 2019.
3. Mark will be given before the final exam

3. Assessment criteria
Breakdown of marks:
0 = not addressed, 1 = remotely addressed 2 = OK but little effort shown 3 = Good effort 4 =
Excellent effort 5 = Totally exceeded expectations
5 areas assessed for a total of 25 marks
1) Presentation and structure of the report (5 marks)
2) Depth (5 marks)
3) Uniqueness (5 marks)
4) Relevance (5 marks)
5) Succinctness (5 marks)
4. Other details
The only acceptable form of submission is electronic via TURNITIN on the unit’s CANVAS.
Hardcopy and email submissions will NOT be accepted. Late submissions will be
penalized. See below for penalties.


2 | P a g e

Submission format:
Your project should be submitted in ONE document. Only a PDF format document will be
accepted and it is your responsibility to ensure all pages correctly display your original content.
Missing or distorted figures and formulas will result in lower marks.
Cover page:
It is essential to have a cover page. Ensure that all group members’ full names and SIDs are
clearly shown.
Document name:
Your project PDF file must be named in the following format:
List of references used and in-text citations must follow the Harvard referencing style
Pay particular attention to presentation. A significant component of your mark will be based
on presentation. Avoid overdoing formatting, and ensure that the assignment is very clear,
logical, and professional. Pay attention to grammar. Clear and logical presentation in a concise
manner is a major challenge. Preparing a concise report is another major challenge. Every part
of the assignment should add to the end result otherwise it is superfluous and distracting.
Late penalty:
A late submission will attract 1 mark per 6 hours (4 marks per calendar day).
While discussion and collaboration are expected, plagiarism is a breach of the University of
Sydney Code of Conduct and will be dealt with by the Business School.
Be sure to acknowledge all of your source materials and provide proper citations for any quotes.
Checks for similar contents (web materials, other students’ projects, etc.) and plagiarism will
be conducted by TURNITIN and the projects with a similarity index significantly above an
acceptable level will be reported to the business school and this may result in a zero mark being
awarded for the assignment.