Sparqs, National Union of Students or council of International Students

Weighting: 70%

Task length: 1,000 words (+/-10%, excluding the reference list, title and subheading)

Criteria: Assessment marking rubrics are posted on the LMS

Throughout this unit, you are asked to reflect on your own experiences and engage with ideas from the literature. One of the more effective ways to learn, however, is to apply these ideas to new settings. This is what you are assigned to do in this assignment. You have four options to write about: Sparqs  training slides undergraduate or postgraduate, National union of Students Website, and the council of International Students Websites.


Select one of the of the organizations listed: Sparqs, National Union of Students or council of International Students and peruse their resources and find out about their core mission and values. In particular, identify a particular issue or portfolio that interests you in terms of representative work and concentrate on that area. This might be educational policy, indigenous issues, gender or LGBTQI issues, or visa conditions or health cover for international students, for example. Write a 1000 word that:


  • Summarizes the key points in the resource/ webpage
  • Reflecting on the aspects that you find helpful and of relevance to the university of Sidney
  • Discussing any limitations of the resource/ webpage
  • Linking it to this OLE
  • A reference list including at least two references from the further reading page or beyond if you prefer