Agribusiness Management Economics Assignment 2

Major:Agricultural market economy
Reference:APA style
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Agribusiness Management Economics Assignment 2
Word limit: a MINIMUM of 1,500 words (an extra 10% is allowed)
Essay Topic Market failures occur throughout the economy. Using an example of ONE
market failure related to agriculture/agribusiness or another primary industry in the
Australian economy, describe the government policy or policies that have been
implemented. Explain the economic justifications for government policy/policies that has
been applied to correct this market failure. In your answer comment on how effective the
policy/policies have been. Further Information Clearly state the purpose of your essay,
research the topic and include all relevant, up-to-date information. Your conclusion
should be based on evidence and theory, not on uninformed opinion. The word count
excludes, abstract, title page, appendix, citations and references.


When structuring your essay include:
 Title Page: title, name, date
 Introduction: Set the scene, the main topics that will be explained
 Body: cover key points, and a clear argument
 The essay content should be clear, concise and logical and answer the brief.  (Do not
discuss something other than what has been asked of you)
 Conclusion: state the results, restate the main ideas, do not include any new
 Citation needs to be done correctly.
 References: you must provide a least 6 references. Use a variety of resources such as
journals, newspaper articles, books, appropriate websites, brochures, raw data and
annual reports.