Goldman Sachs: Anchoring Standards After The Financial Crisis

You are required to upload your text file submission (the write-up) using
TurnItIn on Blackboard in the ‘pdf’ format (see later). Save a screen shot
showing data and time of your assignment submission, and provide to your

lecturer upon request.

As a starting point, carefully read “Goldman Sachs: Anchoring Standards
After The Financial Crisis” (see URL on Blackboard under “Assessment” and please make
sure you also read other publications from academic journals that will strengthen your
assignment). Please use this
case as a background to carefully develop your answers to the four questions listed below:
1. What were the major factors that led to the 2007/2008 financial crisis? [10 marks]
2. If you were Lloyd Blankfein, how would you characterize the problem that the BSC aimed
to solve? [20
3. Do you think that what the BSC has done will solve the problem? What has been
addressed? And what has gone unaddressed? [30
4. How would you sustain strong business standards over the long-term? [30 marks]
The remaining 10 marks out of possible total 100 marks will be allocated to the quality
of references used and formatting. In order to better understand what is expected, please
carefully refer to the assessment rubric, that is, the marking guide to be followed by your
examiner, posted on Blackboard.

Submission format
The length of your submission should be 8 to 10 pages of text excluding list of
references, and figures and tables that may be placed after the list of references. Use 1.5 line
spacing, 11 font size ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Normal’ margins, justified paragraphs and page
numbering in the bottom right-hand side (similar to this document). Please insert your full
name (family name entered last in capital letters) and eight-digit student number as a header
on every page of your
submission (see the sample header of this document).
As a rule of thumb, using shorter paragraphs or sentences improve readability.
Footnotes should be kept to a minimum. An introduction and conclusion are needed in your
answer to each question (except question # 1) but not for the overall submission (see
assessment rubric posted on Blackboard under Assessment). Please make sure we can clearly
follow where one section ends and the other begins, i.e. use sub-headings to guide the reader.
The sub-headings corresponding to the aforementioned four questions in the write-up that
should be used are:
(i) Major factors causing the 2007/2008 financial crisis
(ii) Problem, recommendations and BSC
(iii) BSC’s recommendations accomplished, unaccomplished and action plan
(iv) Sustain BSC’s accomplishments
Those who do not adhere to the above format will lose
marks. Further helpful guidelines for scoring marks on
your assignment
 There could be more than one answer acceptable to the examiners. However, it is your
responsibility to clearly defend your answers in a coherent manner in your written
submission. That is, providing vague comments or disjointed arguments are not acceptable
answers. Similarly, any jargon or acronym should be followed by a brief definition or
explanation when first used, e.g. shadow banking, repos, ABS or OFC.
 Once again, you need to pay close attention to your arguments being coherent from one
question to the next. A better approach is to address both sides of an argument (i.e. pros and
cons), and either stop there, or if you feel strongly about taking a position, clarify why you are
doing so. Once again, as long as your arguments are presented coherently,
approach would be acceptable for assessment purposes.



 It is good practice to initially develop your answers without worrying about the prescribed
length. Once you believe you have completed your literature review (i.e. reading what others

have published), you can then work towards polishing and cutting it down to size. Please save
ALL your submission files using your full name and student number, for
example, Mamiza HAQ (12345678). DO NOT submit a hard copy.
 You are responsible for submitting your assignment on TurnItIn. Once you are happy with
the TurnItIn similarity report on your pdf file that copy becomes your ‘final’ copy. Please note
leaving the TurnItIn submission to the last day may work against you because there is a 24
hours delay between resubmissions and the generation of the originality report. That is, the
first report is generated within minutes, but each report thereafter has a 24 hours delay.
 A lot has been written about global financial crisis (GFC) of 2007-09 and on Goldman Sach’s
approach towards the financial crisis. It can help your understanding, and thereby, improve
your answers, if you find, say, 6-7 solid sources/references and consider their views (you can
cite more if you wish but not less). Limit your references to either academic journal articles
(you can start your search in Web of Science or Scopus), or reports from various institutions
such as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, or other similarly reputable sources you
may encounter; please note that newspaper articles or simply websites not related to regulatory
bodies are not acceptable. UQ Library staffs are there to help you. Also, don’t forget to check
out readings posted on Blackboard under ‘Learning Resources, Miscellaneous Readings’; the
readings posted on Blackboard can count towards the required number of references
mentioned above if you deem them relevant.
 Please be aware that plagiarism, partly defined as copying and pasting someone else’s words
into your assignment without proper acknowledgement, is unacceptable at UQ. Similarly,
when you report someone else’s comments or ideas, you need to fully and clearly
acknowledge the source right next to it. Sources you use are listed under ‘References’ that
starts on a new page at the end of the main text before any figures and tables, using the
Harvard Referencing Style (see Blackboard under Assessment).
It is also good practice to paraphrase other authors’ words, which would indicate your level of
understanding; avoid making long direct quotations. Nevertheless, a few short direct
quotations may be used to emphasise what you consider to be important points in your
Submissions will be electronically checked for similarity using TurnItIn (the extensive
checking process involves the World Wide Web as well as previously and currently
submitted assignments, journals and various other publications). Before finalising your
submission, you should use TurnItIn to make sure similarity for any given source is as
low as possible. It is also highly

recommended that you take the online academic integrity tutorial to better understand what is
meant by plagiarism and other related issues in order to improve your performance
(https ://w ww s px).
Marking criteria
For details, please carefully refer to the assessment rubric posted on Blackboard under
Course learning objectives associated with your assignment
1. Investigate the operations of financial institutions.
2. Question issues related to global financial crisis 2007/2008.
3. Understanding the rigorous internal assessment of Goldman Sachs and reaffirm its core


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