Product Strategy & Development

You need to write 1200 words. For specific requirements, please refer to the attached document MKTG2505 RElection 1-product advantage and Product concept development‘ with examples —18-09-19
Please see the video case(NOJA Power and iOmniscient): 
 the companies were radical
  • Please read video carefully
(1) Task description: In this assessment, using the NPD/NSD concepts and frameworks that were
discussed in seminars, you will;
(a) Critically analyse how the NPD/NSD was undertaken in two video case studies of high
tech firms (iOmniscient and NOJA Power) that have been provided on Blackboard (you may
use published information too about these firms). Use full case studies as the CEOs must
have not provided the needed information in a single location.
(b) In addition, you will use published information from AT LEAST TWO other technology
firms to strengthen your discussion (For example, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google,
Samsung Huawei or other with published information) (provide reference for the source of