V-log and Blogs

Major: media-master
Unit code:
1、This is the student’s graduation thesis, and the tutor’s feedback is annotated in the document. Please modify the content according to each feedback annotation, and please do not reduce the number of words!
There are also some problems with the references, so try to help me use more appropriate references when modifying
2、What the tutor said to the student was:
I think you need to do major revisions — first and foremost make sure that you cite all the time, and you do it properly. Second, there is a very thin theoretical background, maybe you could use more previous research in setting up the study. Third, you need to present the results better, and make sure that the methodology section is correct.
The struture is good, but it needs significant improvements in the other respects — literature cited, criticality, methodology, referencing.
  3、  Please make a color mark for the place you have modified, so that students can see the mark. Thank you