1.The attachment “Group Assignment instructions-8 “is the Assignment requirement
You just need to do the Excel part of part a
2.Attachment “BusStats-5” is the data
3.You need to make Excel sheets as required
4.The following is the specific requirements of Excel table
1. Use the most appropriate type of graph to present the weekly closing price of Bitcoin (BIT) and provide a general description, commenting on the trend. [Topic 1]
2. Calculate the weekly return for BIT and construct a histogram.  Does the data on return rates appear normally distributed?   On the basis of z-scores do you find evidence of outliers?  Hint: the formula for a return is (Current Price – Previous price)/Previous price multiplied by 100.  [Topics 1-4]
3. Calculate and interpret the three aspects of Descriptive Analysis for weekly return: Location, Shape and Spread. Hint: make sure you interpret these measures in the context of the data and pay attention to the unit of measurement.  [Topic 1]
4. Construct a 95% confidence interval for BIT return and interpret the interval. [Topics 6-7]
5. An investment advisor claimed that BIT return is 2%. Do you agree? Justify your reasoning using a two-tailed hypothesis test approach at the significance level of 5%.
Given returns are in percentages, our null hypothesis here is that the population mean return = 2 (and not 0.02).
6. Repeat steps 1-5 above for another financial stock traded at the Australia Securities Exchange: the Macquarie Group Limited (MAC).
7. Explore the association between BIT and MAC returns. Specifically, construct a contingency table for the positive and non-positive returns of the two stocks and calculate the following: a) Prob (BIT return is positive), b) Prob (MAC return is positive), and c) Prob (positive BIT return conditional on positive MAC return). Are returns to BIT and MAC statistically independent? Hint: use the IF function in excel to construct the four joint events: +ve and +ve returns, +ve and -ve returns, -ve and +ve returns, -ve and -ve returns. [Topic 3]