Google Glass Technology Case

Word: 1000
Deadline:24th,September:10:00PM,2019(Beijing times)
major:business undecided
Please be sure to complete it according to the requirements in the attachment, and write it from the perspective of Chinese people. Students’ requirements: not high level, some grammatical mistakes and casual

Instructions: In 2012, Google released a new technology called Google Glass in its beta version which has become the center of a heated debate. Google Glass is a wearable piece of technology that performs functions similar to smart-phones and resembles glasses with a projection screen in front of your eyes, operated by gestures, voice commands. Some students and faculty at the university of Delawere are excited about the potential Google Glass offers; however, others are uncomfortable and strongly oppose its use on campus. Should Google Glass be allowed on UD’s campus? Write to UD’s administration to convince them of your point of view, refuting at least one counterargument others might have against your position. Please follow the following guidelines to craft your essay:


  • Craft your own argument using sources as support (I am interested in your argument first and foremost).
  • Include at least three main points to support your argument. One of your main points need to be a refutation of a counterargument.
  • Use at least two sources, which you must cite using intext citation and a reference part in APA style.

Please note that your essay should be 3-5full pages.

You must cite ANY outside information, either words or ideas according to APA format.