1、This is a Group Assignment, but you only need to finish task 1! You don’t need to write the rest!
2、Therefore, please be sure to complete task 1 according to the requirements of Group assignment brief! 
The data required by task 1 is in the attached file!
Task 1
Honey Pty Ltd (“The Client”) plans to grow its brand in the chocolate category.
In the chocolate category, there are six brands that compete with each other, and
Honey Pty Ltd owns Brand #6.
You have been given a data set of 1,900 shoppers (refer Data for Task 1), which
reports for each shopper his/her purchases of a set of brands over one year.
To generate an informed report for The Client, your team need to:
(a) Calculate the observed market share (%), penetration (%), and purchase
(b) Fit the Dirichlet Model to the observed measures to generate theoretical
brand performance benchmarks and discuss the overall fit of the Dirichlet
Model to the data.
(c) Describe the Double Jeopardy (DJ) Pattern and discuss whether the DJ
Pattern is evident in the chocolate category?
(d) Inform The Client about consumer buying behaviour in this category.
(e) What marketing strategy would you recommend for The Client to increase the
market share of Brand 6?
In other words, should The Client focus on selling more to existing customers
or attracting new and light customers?
[Use theories covered in your UniSA Marketing Analytics course as well as the
results of data processing to support your recommendations]