IFRS adoption and Management Earnings Forecasts of Australian IPOs

Major:International banking finance
Referece:Harvard style
the document given about IFRS adoption used the data about 2001 to 2009.
New paper I want should be same topic with IFRS but  new data with 2010 to 2019. Same strucuture and table and  OLS used with the IFRS paper, but with new data.
the company given should be the sources that collecting data. please show me the methodology with the data document.
after collecting data, maybe used Stata or eviews to analyze data, just as the paper given.
please pay attention: the new paper I want do not need to write about GMM as the paper given, only OLS is ok.
Please show the data as the table in the IFRS paper given, just change the data with same structure table but change with new data as the paper showed in final tables.
 the paper provides the souces website to collect data,please read it carefully.