Liquidated Damages in Illinois (or Federal)

CAE578 – Construction Claims Management
Final Paper Guidelines
Objective: This course is an upper graduate level course. It covers an area of construction
management that transcends the disciplines of engineering/architecture, management, and
law. As such it has two means of learning to expand the student’s knowledge; the lecture
in a highly specialized area and then expansion of that knowledge by individual research
in a specific area.
The research paper is the vehicle for this second learning modality.
The research paper should be a related topic to what we have covered in class and
preferable is something in which you want to expand your own knowledge. It can be
something academic such as the dispute resolution process in FIDIC contracts if you are
from a civil law country and intend to return there. Or it can be directly related to
something you are doing as part of your job. I have had students take a number of claim
letters on the job and analyze them for the underlying claim theories, provide the pro and
con discussion, then address how they will handle them. Basically a staff paper for their
Format should be 15 pages (including cover), 10 or 12 font type, 1 ½ spacing (see we are
already down to 9 real pages here). Footnotes as appropriate and of an acceptable style.
Diagrams if needed, but not part of the page count.
Suggested topics:
1. Liquidated Damages in Illinois (or Federal)
2. International construction claims under EU and FIDIC standards
3. Recovery of delays that are cardinal changes
4. Explanation of the “Total Cost Claim”
5. The various forms of Eichlay allowed
6. Commercial Construction Claims versus Consumer Protection
7. Bond Actions on a GC default for the Subcontractor.
8. Prophylactic Claims Measures for (Schedules, payments, default, or other)
9. Claims Strategies in Co-Prime or Multi-Prime contracts
10. Why should we hire a Risk Manager in our construction company?