Athena Bancorp


  1. This is an individual assignment requiring g you to analyze a set case study and provide written advice on HRM issues.
  2. Questions to guide you analyze are provided on p.2 of these instructions.
  3. Your advice needs to be based on research. Be sure to provide support for whatever advice you provide (for example of suitable academic journals see p.1 of the subject guide).
  4. At a minimum, you need to draw on five (5) academic journal articles in your report.
  5. The case study for this assignment is provided on the MLS subject page.
  6. The assessment criteria for this assignment are provided on p.2 of these instructions.
  7. Format and layout:
    1. Cover sheet with student name and ID.
    2. Report format
    3. 12-point font
    4. Double spacing
    5. Page numbering
  8. Your teaching staff will help you prepare for writing this report.
  9. Your report needs to be submitted electronically via Turn-it-in on the LMS subject page.


You have been asked to reflect and advice on HRM at Athena Bancorp.

In particular, you have been tasked with providing answers to the following questions:

  1. How important are human resources to Anthena Bancorp strategy?
  2. What HR challenges is Anthena Bancorp currently facing?
  3. How should Beth Daniels proceed?

Assessment criteria:

  • Identification and analysis of key issues in the case
  • Understanding and application of research to case issues
  • Research (Academic issues)
  • Recommendations
  • Writing styles (expression, spelling, grammar, punctuation)
  • Referencing
  • Format and presentation