Client Design Project

ES192 Resit Coursework
Client Design Project
For this coursework resit you will be required to undertake a design task addressing a particular
challenge that a client faces. You will be required to identify a ‘client’ and outline what you believe
their problem to be. You will be required to ask your client questions you feel might be pertinent in
order to gather the required information so you can put forward a robust design proposal.
What will I need to submit?
Your design proposal should take the form of report document with the information presented in
something similar to the following structure:
1. Problem articulation/understanding the problem
Introduce your client and their problem, think in terms of functions, objectives, constraints,
context and stakeholders (Lecture 2)
2. Research
research what others have done and anything else relevant to the problem such as
technical theory and relevant calculations (Lecture 3 & 4)
3. Concepts (approximately 5)
show the different ways in which the problem could be solved. Think about not only the
operation on a component level but also the user experience (Lecture 4)
4. Concept selection using appropriate assessment methodology
use some form of structured decision making (Supplementary Material – Concept Selection)
5. Pictures of simple prototype you made
make a simple prototype of your candidate design using readily available materials (i.e
cardboard) to test the functionality of your design. (Lecture 9)
6. Evaluation and redesign
evaluate your prototype and redesign as necessary (Lecture 3)
7. Final design
show and explain your final design with well-presented and rendered images (Term 2
Portfolio and Sprint Projects)
You will note that the above structure resembles the stages in design loop we saw throughout the
whole of the ES192 module (reproduced in figure 1) and maps onto the lectures and activities
undertaken during the course. The project report should be a maximum of 10 sides of A4 or 5
sides of A3