Environmental and Social Disclosure of PetroChina

Environmental and Social Disclosure of PetroChina
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With the rapid development of China's economy, the problem of depletion of resources and
environmental pollution has become increasingly serious. The development of a green and low-
carbon economy has been widely recognized by the whole society. The Chinese government is
also vigorously advocating low-carbon sustainable development, and the environmental
protection concept of the public is also increasing. The call for companies to disclose information
on environmental protection activities is getting higher. Disclosure of social and environmental
information is conducive to improving the efficiency of oil companies, helping to fulfill their
responsibilities to stakeholders and providing a good platform for the development of oil
companies. At the same time, the disclosure of social environmental information also contributes
to the formation of a good reputation among oil companies, which is conducive to attracting
investors to join, thus contributing to the longer-term development of enterprises. Chinese
scholars have been devoted to the study of environmental accounting theory. Although some
achievements have been made, there is still a lack of research on the combination of theory and
practice. At present, there is no norm and operability norm and information disclosure system.
There are still many problems in the information on environmental activities announced by
enterprises. The oil industry plays an important role in the national economy, but it is also a
heavily polluting industry, which has a great degree of damage to the environment. Since 2010,
the Ministry of Environmental Protection has also included the petroleum industry as one of the
16 major categories of heavily polluting industries. Both the regulatory authorities and the public
have paid more attention to the environmental information disclosure of oil companies.