You are requested to rewrite the yellow part 600 words. The re-writing is methodology


This intro could more systematically explain the key issues to the chapter starting with intepretivism

number each section to the chapter and then refer to each numbered section here


Research strategy

Explain you case study approach to the air France/klm



Explain issues around validity/reliability



The methodology need to follow literature review



The subject of this study implies subjective characteristics and causality, the data does
not appear to be important in this study, so this research uses a qualitative inquiry
model, namely case study. This research is based around secondary data using a case
study based strategy to shed light on how the organizational culture impact on firm
level performance. The subjective nature of this research strategy allows researchers
to delve deeper into the topic of cultural impact on M&A performance. This chapter is
intended to explain what was done, how to do research, and why. So this chapter will
first explain the philosophical position that is the interpretative philosophy. Second,
the research design and research strategy will be explained. In addition, the collection
and reliability of data information will also be presented in this section. Finally, the
limitations of case studies will be explored.