The Child-Rearing Policy

requirement: Write to discuss
1, Discuss how to ensure employment equality under the two-child policy and how to improve the child-rearing policy
2,The first section is to introduce the current Chinese policies on employment discrimination (including recruitment requirements, the women’s maternity leave policy and male paternity leave at three o ‘clock) (mainly in this paper, the specific policies, the subjective discussion of problems in the previous findings has written), and then said that the current policy shortcomings where, (such as law enforcement, lack of punitive measures, workers are difficult to collect evidence, such as workers in a weak, the company in a strong position, case why it is difficult to win), why makes you think so conflict and fertility and employment security is not enough. Suggest ways to improve employment security so that people don’t have to give up work in order to have children (such as state subsidies for companies and legal protection for workers). The Child-Rearing Policy.
3,The second section is the childcare, first discuss what are the current policy of childcare, where, why young parents parenting stress at work; Another is currently some private childcare institutions is difficult to guarantee quality (including 1. Discussion of the higher education young parents do not want the old man to the low level of education to children for education because the old man and the society is not standard and so on, but don’t have a good formal early education institutions to assist and protect the child’s education. 2. For instance, red, yellow, blue wait for events, such as performance childcare problems is very serious in society at present). And then puts forward how to improve the policy of childcare with comprehensive two-child policy matching, thereby reducing subsequent stress and burden of having children, improve the higher education young group of childbearing willing and fertility.
4,especially a brief mention of advanced foreign policies