UCC70-800-2727: Solution of Food Waste in the School.

order number:UCC70-800-2727
major:English writing
requirement:This is a problem solution essay, which is about the solution of food waste in the school.Then it’s better to focus on food waste in one school rather than all schools.Use at least one source.
Requirement and rubric are attached,please read it carefully and be sure to write as required.

For the problem-solution essay, you will do the following:

Choose a problem that you believe is fairly serious that affects students on campus or people in your neighborhood.  It should not be VERY serious (like life threatening or dangerous) but also should not be not serious at all.  It should be something that will require some thought and consideration to solve.  If it is too serious, you will not have the ability to get involved.  If it is not serious, it does not need to be solved.

Interview 3 people (not people who speak your native language) about this problem.  Write down in English your questions and their answers to your questions. Your questions must include the following ideas:Why the person thinks this problem is serious

How long this person has thought this is a problem

How worried the person is about it

Does the person have any suggestions or solutions to the problem?

Does the person think problem has one strong solution that is best?You should have 10 questions.You should also choose 1 outside source not from your interview that you will use to support your argument.

Write an essay of 1000-1100 words in which you follow guidelines discussed in class and Ch. 13 from your text for a problem-solution essay. You will discuss the context/situation of your problem, explanation of the problem, and evaluate the solutions.  You must select the strongest solution.  You cannot just present a lot of options and leave it at that.  You need clear and convincing arguments to support your arguments.  Avoid using 1st person.  Your interview and outside support will only be support.  They will not be your argument.

The essay must be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font double-spaced with 1″ margins using APA documentation style.

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