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This task is to write a 150-word cover letter and a 1500-word briefing note.
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Book Publishing Assignment Draft

Comm 390 section 105

Jessica Wang


In this book publishing report, I will be comparing the two books, Indian horses and An American marriage, for Century Publishing from a business perspective. In order to provide a fair and constructive suggestion, both books will be analyzed and studied from different perspectives. This report will also cover market trends as well as other aspects that are related to the industry. I will give out a few recommendations based on the current business environment as well as the wider social trends influenced. Hopefully, this document will offer Miss Daley some direction in choosing the title that bests suits this publisher and its members.



An American Marriage is an important novel looking at the American dream and its discontents. Through its use of a romance broken up by one party being arrested, it manages to touch both the personal and the social. This dual nature of the scales it covers allows it to be very appealing to a wide audience; especially an American one. However, this too is an issue. By focusing on an especially American audience it may fail to capture a wider audience. With an increased number of books being translated a sold overseas, and the growing interest in Canada and abroad in hearing Indigenous stories, buying the rights to Indian Horse is recommended. Through its use of an authentic Indigenous voice as well as the telling of a story often talked about in the news as of late this book could sell well. In terms of content, the Indigenous angle will help capture the academic and Indigenous market while the focus on hockey, one of the most popular sports in Canada, will help bring in a market that might otherwise not read novels (including An American Marriage). The recent movie based on the book is also important as using its art on the cover and the visibility provided to the story by the film will help us picky-back off already existing advertising and product knowledge. Finally, more and more companies (Patagonia, Whole Foods, Tesla) are producing products that have ends outside of traditional only for-profit business models. The recent success of these companies indicates a trend towards consumers choosing brands that support social good. Combing greater knowledge of Indigenous stories and consumer demand for socially aware products means that buying rights to Indian Horse is a smart choice. As large companies can be seen as part of the neo-colonial structure, publishing a book outside of this through a more local grassroots company may not only be attractive to those wanting to read the book as part of a de-colonial mission to make space for indigenous stories but also encourage new consumers to participate in a holistic market reflecting in its practices the messages embedded in its products.



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